Crypto betting sites: the 6 best ones in 2022

Maybe you've already heard about sports betting. But have you heard about crypto betting sites? Are they legit and safe? Read this content to find out.


Learn everything about the crypto betting: the newest sports trend

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In recent years, there has been an expansion of crypto betting sites. They grow at the same rate as cryptocurrencies become popular and gain strength with new adepts.

Sports betting is not a new thing, and it generates some controversy. While some people take a dim view of it, others believe it to be a legitimate activity that depends not on luck but the gambler’s expertise. A true sports fan and expert in their field can perform well at sports betting and do so in a healthy way. Cryptocurrencies are just another way to pay for it and one that has gained credibility.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best crypto betting sites and answer some questions that the reader may have about this activity. Let’s learn about it.

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Crypto betting: what is it?

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Gambling is nothing new in the United States. In fact, this activity already existed in colonial times. It was common for spectators to bet on horse or dog races until they got to more modern sports such as baseball. But it was criminalized in the early 1900s for being related to mafia activities and criminal organizations, as long as some players got involved and compromised the games. Sports betting continued to happen illegally, moving millions of dollars every year. It was only in the late 2010s that legalization was discussed again, and some states began to allow this activity. 

Sports betting has seen tremendous growth with the increased access to the internet and the development of apps. So it was no surprise that the crypto market got into sports betting. Now, instead of dollars, you can use your cryptocurrencies to bet. There are specialized sites where you can use your digital wallet and bet with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. There are different ways to bet, and each sport has its own characteristics. You can only bet on the winner of a match, or on the specific amount of points that will be scored in the game. We have even the eSports category that includes video games, with international championships, large audiences, and millionaire prizes for the best teams.

Is it safe?

Whenever you use any online service that deals with financial values, you need to pay extra attention to security. This goes for both crypto betting sites and any online store. If you think about proportions, there are certainly many more scammers targeting online shoppers than sports bettors, as sports betting is a smaller and particular market.

Many consider cryptocurrencies to be safer than traditional currencies because of their blockchain structure with highly complex cryptography. Following this reasoning, it would be much more difficult to steal cryptocurrencies than the money in your bank account.

Look for trusted sites with security protocols that protect your banking information.

Crypto betting is legal?

There are many controversies regarding cryptocurrencies. Many governments turn up their noses at the difficulty of taxing these values. Regarding the legality of crypto betting: it is not illegal, but it is not officially legal either. There is simply no specific legislation regarding this. 

However, in states where sports betting is legal, some sites accept cryptocurrencies, and the system has been working. It is very advantageous for both betting sites and crypto bettors. Cryptocurrency transactions are safer and faster and are very well suited to the virtual environment.

Which website is best for crypto betting? Learn 6 options!

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Here we will list some crypto betting site options. These sites are among the most recommended and with good user experiences. However, remember that betting has a risk, and you’re compromising real money. It is necessary to have a good reserve not to risk the money you need to pay your bills. Be responsible for avoiding creating unnecessary debt for yourself. With proper precautions taken, these are six crypto betting sites for you to check out:


Stake is definitely one of the best betting websites. It offers a wide variety of sports and casino games and has a clean and intuitive design, which makes it easy to navigate. Stake was created in 2017, and currently accepts more than 130 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. It is well known for its safety and reliability. Stakes care about your privacy and strongly recommends you to active a 2-factors authentication.

With excellent customer service, and a wide range of sports and casino games for you to bet on, Sportsbet deserves a place on this list. They claim to be the most Fun, Fast, and Fair sports betting site and have a nice and easy layout to navigate. 


If you’re looking for a good welcome bonus, BC.Game is here for you. You’ll receive a 180% bonus on your first 3 deposits. It has an excellent reputation and customer service. You can bet on casino games and spots with more than 64 cryptocurrencies. It does not allow anonymous playing.


Created in 2013, CloudBet focuses com sports betting, with a lot of different sports available, but also offers casino game options. The site has a good privacy policy and security features, and you can bet anonymously. There are more than 25 cryptocurrencies accepted on it and 54 sports. If you make a deposit of up to 5 Bitcoins you get a 100% match bonus. 


Starting its activities in 2013, BetCoin has an excellent reputation and is known for its quick and efficient customer service. It has a lot of options for casino games and sports, and you will certainly find something that fits your style. 


On 22Bet, you will pay no commissions and the payments are made very quickly. Choose among more than 15 cryptocurrencies, to bet on more than 1,000 events. If you need any help, 24/7 support is there to solve your doubts. Signing up takes less than one minute, and the site is safe and secure.

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