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Looking for dining rewards and cash back as a student?

The Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students card offers up to 8% cashback on select purchases!


Discover the perfect partner for your student life with the Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students card. Enjoy cashback on every bite, every beat, and every buy. Say yes to spontaneous dinners, weekend movies, and grocery runs. All with no annual fee. Make every moment and every dollar count!


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Uncover the perks of student life with the SavorOne card. See below for the benefits that make every day more rewarding!

8% cashback on tickets purchased through the Vivid Seats platform;
5% on hotels and car rentals through Capital One Travel;
Unlimited 3% cash back on dining;
1% of cash back for other purchases.

You will remain in the same website

Step into the world of smart spending with the Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students Credit Card.

Tailor-made for the bustling life of students, this card is more than just a payment method—it’s your ally in maximizing every expenditure.

From earning substantial cash back on daily essentials to accessing unique travel perks, let’s explore how this card can be a strategic addition to your student life.

Advantages to Enjoy

  • Ample Cashback on Daily Expenses: Secure 3% cash back on categories like dining, entertainment, streaming, and grocery shopping, aligning perfectly with student spending habits.
  • Enhanced Rewards on Travel: Enjoy a generous return on hotel and car rentals booked through Capital One Travel, making your adventures more budget-friendly.
  • Specialized Entertainment Rewards: Get 8% cash back on purchases through Capital One Entertainment, amplifying your enjoyment at various events.
  • Lucrative Welcome Offer: Grab a $50 bonus by spending a minimal $100 in the initial three months, an easy target for most students.
  • No Charges on International Transactions: A boon for students studying abroad, removing additional costs on overseas purchases.
  • Vigilant Credit Supervision: With CreditWise, keep a close eye on your credit score and report, crucial for building a solid credit foundation.
  • Effortless Account Management: The Capital One mobile app along with autopay ensures seamless handling of your finances.

Disadvantages to Keep an Eye On

  • Elevated APR Range: With an APR of 19.99% to 29.99%, carrying balances could become expensive.
  • Selective Streaming Cashback: Not all streaming services, including some prominent ones, qualify for cashback.
  • Grocery Cash back Restrictions: Large retailers such as Walmart and Target are not included in the grocery cashback category.
  • Initial Credit Requirement: Getting approved may require some pre-existing credit history, posing a hurdle for new borrowers.
  • Cash back Constraints on Modern Payments: Certain types of digital and mobile payments might not fetch the higher cash back rate.
  • Time-Limited Special Cash back: The appealing 10% cashback on Uber and Uber Eats is only valid until November 2024, potentially limiting its long-term appeal.
  • Conditions on Balance Transfers: Balance transfer options are available but come with specific terms and availability constraints.

The Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students stands out as a compelling option for students eager to combine fiscal responsibility with rewarding experiences.

Although it presents several advantages especially tailored to student life, it’s crucial to consider aspects like the higher APR and specific cashback exclusions.

For students who are diligent with their monthly payments, this card can be a significant tool for both financial development and daily savings.

Yes! Capital One offers a pre-qualification tool that uses a soft credit pull, so it won’t hurt your score. It’ll give you an idea of your approval odds without affecting your credit history.

Not necessarily! While the card is designed for students, Capital One considers recent grads (within 2 years) and non-students with limited credit history. However, if you’re not a student, there are other Capital One credit cards to consider, like the Capital One Venture X, Capital One Quicksilver card, Capital One Savor card, or Capital One Spark Business.

Absolutely! Capital One has a variety of student-friendly options. The Quicksilver Student offers 1.5% cash back on everything, while the Venture Rewards for Students gives you travel miles instead of cash back. Consider your spending habits and long-term goals when choosing.

Yep! They’re known for student-friendly features like no annual fees, credit score building tools, and financial literacy resources. Plus, the SavorOne Rewards for Students specifically targets student spending habits with 3% cash back on dining, entertainment, and groceries.

So if you’re keen on applying for the Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students, check the following link for details about the process.

Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students Credit Card

How to get Capital One SavorOne Rewards Students

Get the best out of your student life with the Capital One SavorOne Rewards for Students card! Read on to learn about the application!

But if you’re not a student and would still like to cash in on some cash back rewards, we recommend the iple Cash Rewards Visa®.

With no annual fee and rewards up to 3%, you can have access to a greater credit limit and enjoy a series of perks. Check the link below to learn more and how to apply for it.

Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®

Apply for the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®

Don't know how to apply for your Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®? Don't worry. This article has every piece of information you need to get this card.

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