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ELFI Student Loan: Up to 100% coverage for your education costs


ELFI Student Loan opens the doors to knowledge and opportunity! You can get 100% coverage over low rates! Plus, qualify for up to 10 year-term with affordable installments! St to mention their 24/7 support ready to answer your questions! This is an ideal loan choice for you!


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The university and school doors will always be open with ELFI Student Loan. Check out the main benefits it offers!

Up to 100% coverage;
Loan refinancing options;
Flexible repayment up to 20 years
24/7 online and hands-on support

You will remain in the same website

ELFI Student Loan offers attractive interest rates and a low monthly payment, but one feature that isn’t available is co-signer release. Unlike other lenders, ELFI does not allow borrowers to release their co-signer from their student loan obligations.

Yes. The ELFI Student Loan is an exceptional service that has been around for 25 years and provides students with great financial options. ELFI was created as a division of SouthEast Bank, a trusted organization in the lending industry. ELFI Student Loan has successfully refinanced more than $1 billion worth of student loans as of January of 2020 and continues to provide remarkable services to current and prospective borrowers. Their mission is to help individuals reach their financial goals by making education loan repayment easier and more flexible.

To qualify, applicants must meet several requirements designed to ensure they are financially stable enough to take on the responsibility of a loan. These include being at least 18 years old or the age of majority in your state, being a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien without conditions and with proper evidence of eligibility. Also, they must be enrolled in a program for a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, attending an eligible school and having a valid Social Security number.

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ELFI Student Loan: how to apply now!

Applying for an ELFI Student Loan is easy! Enjoy low rates and several benefits. Keep reading and learn more!

ELFI’s Student Loan is an excellent option to finance any type of study. However, the Sallie Mae Student Loan is also a great option.

They offer 100% coverage and more! Check out how to apply for this option below!

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How to apply for Sallie Mae student loan?

Completing your studies is not an easy task, is it? But with the Sallie Mae student loan you can have peace of mind. Learn about the Sallie Mae student loan application!

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