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Up to 30,000 bonus points to use as you want

Regions Premium Visa® Signature Credit Card: 0% intro APR for 12 months!


Enjoy a generous welcome bonus of 30,000 points when you spend just $2,000 in your first three months. Plus, earn 1.5x reward points per dollar spent on select purchases, and zero foreign transaction fees – perfect if you want to do some shopping overseas! What’s more, enjoy 0% APR during your initial 12-month period plus extra purchase protection from the benefits of Visa Signature.


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The Regions Premium Visa® Signature Credit Card will help you accumulate lots of points and exchange them for amazing gifts. Check out the benefits you will get!

Welcome bonus of 30,000 points;
0% APR for the first 12 months;
1.5X more points per dollar;
Visa Signature protection and security benefits.

You will remain in the same website

Using Regions Premium Visa® Signature Credit Card to your advantage is simple. Take charge by knowing what purchases have a greater redemption value and use this to your benefit as you shop. Be sure to stay up-to-date on any promotions hosted on the Regions Bank Relationship Rewards website to maximize your rewards points.

Regions Premium Visa® Signature Credit Card offers a variety of rewards and benefits to help make your spending easier. This card has a higher yearly spending rewards rate than many competitors, so you’ll get more value back in return. With no foreign transaction fees, you can travel confidently, knowing Regions Signature Card has your back.

Regions Bank has made earning points with the Regions Premium Visa® Signature Credit Card easy and rewarding. Cardholders can get a jumpstart on their rewards points just for signing up for a Regions Bank savings or money market account. Regions makes it even easier to rack up free points by giving users extra ones for everyday activities such as depositing money into a Regions Bank account, taking out a loan or getting approved for a mortgage.

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Apply Regions Premium Visa® Signature Card

Find out if you are eligible to apply for a Regions Premium Visa® Signature Credit Card. Earn 1.5 points per $1 spent! Read on!

The IHG® Rewards Traveler Credit Card is a similar option, but with up to 120,000 points as a welcome bonus. In addition, you earn 17x more points in specific places on the network. See how to apply for this post.

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Applying for the IHG® Rewards Traveler Credit Card

IHG® Rewards Traveler Credit Card offers several benefits for travelers. Pay no annual fee and earn points on every dollar spent! Read on!

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