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Looking for a card with a high credit limit and valuable cash back rewards?

The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® offers that and much more, and all with no annual fee!


The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Credit Card is different from other credit cards. You will pay your card’s balance like a personal loan, with installments at a fixed rate that helps you budget and plan your payment in up to 60 months. While you’re paying it, you get cash back on every purchase. And the best part: you pay a $0 fee to enjoy these benefits.


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Learn the many benefits you'll have access to once you apply and get your own Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Credit Card!

Pay a $0 annual fee;
Cash back on every purchase;
Contactless card to simplify the way you use it;
Predictability with fixed rate monthly payments.

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Discover the power of simplified spending and rewards with the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Credit Card.

This card merges the convenience of a credit card with the predictability of a personal loan, offering a unique financial experience.

Ideal for those who appreciate straightforward cash back on all purchases and seek to streamline their finances, this card is a fusion of flexibility, rewards, and ease.

Advantages to Enjoy

  • Uncomplicated Cash Back: Earn cash back on all purchases, making it effortless to accumulate rewards on everyday spending.
  • Fixed Payment Plan: Offers the simplicity of a fixed payment plan, merging the flexibility of a credit card with the stability of a loan.
  • No Penalty APR: Eliminates the worry of a penalty APR, ensuring a consistent rate even if a payment is missed.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: Ideal for international use, as it waives fees on purchases made outside the United States.
  • Mobile App for Easy Management: Access a user-friendly mobile app to manage your account, view transactions, and make payments.
  • Credit Line Increases: Opportunity for credit line increases, enhancing your spending power as you demonstrate responsible use.
  • Auto-Pay Discount: Benefit from a discount when you set up automatic payments, encouraging timely and consistent payment behavior.

Disadvantages to Keep an Eye On

  • Requires Good Credit: Approval typically requires a good to excellent credit score, restricting its accessibility for some.
  • Limited Reward Redemption Options: Cash back redemption options are less flexible compared to other rewards cards.
  • Higher APR Compared to Traditional Cards: Generally has a higher APR than many traditional credit cards, affecting cost-efficiency.
  • No Introductory APR Offer: Lacks an introductory APR offer, which is commonly found in other credit card options.
  • No Bonus Categories for Extra Rewards: Does not offer higher cash back rates in specific spending categories like dining or travel.
  • Late Payment Fee: Imposes a fee for late payments, which can add to the overall cost of maintaining the card.
  • No Sign-Up Bonus: Does not provide a welcome bonus for new cardholders, a feature often found in competitive credit cards.

In conclusion, the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Credit Card is an innovative choice for those who value straightforward rewards and the predictability of fixed payments.

Its combination of credit card flexibility and loan-like features makes it unique. However, its higher APR, limited reward redemption options, and lack of introductory offers are factors to consider.

This card is ideal for users who prefer a straightforward, no-frills approach to credit and rewards, coupled with effective financial management tools.

Upgrade considers more than just your credit score so that you might qualify even with less-than-perfect credit. They look at a variety of factors, so it’s worth applying to see if you’re approved! Also, to get your Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® credit card, you must go through the pre-approval process so you know what your chances really are.

No waiting for rewards here! Your cash back is automatically added to your statement balance each month, visible growth for your next redemption plans.

Yes, purchase protection is included! You’ll have 90 days of coverage from the date of purchase to help protect against damage, theft, or loss for eligible items.

Managing your account online is a breeze. View statements, track rewards, and make payments securely through the Upgrade portal or their handy mobile app. Easy peasy!

If the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® Credit Card has your attention, applying for it is easy. Check the following link to learn everything about it.

Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa®

How do you get the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards?

The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa® is excellent for earning cashback if you don't like paying annual fees. Learn how to apply for it.

But if you’re still on the fence, there are other options. If cryptocurrency is something that interests you, Upgrade has an enticing offer.

The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa® offers 1.5% back in bitcoin, charges zero annual fees, and offers a substantially high credit limit.

Curious about the Upgrade alternative? Then check the link below to learn more about it and how to apply as well.

Upgrade app and card

How do you get the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa®

How about instead of cash back you get bitcoin back? Learn how to apply!

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