Milestone Mastercard® full review

Are you looking for a card to help you build credit and with good rates? If so, read our Milestone Mastercard® review to learn more!


by Thais Daou

Published on 11/25/2022

Milestone Mastercard®: Credit builder that works perfectly

Milestone Mastercard® Card
Check out our Milestone Mastercard® review! Source: Milestone Gold Card

Have you recently experienced a decline in your score? Is it less than good? We may have a solution for you, so do not worry! Read this Milestone Mastercard® review and see if this card is a good solution!

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Applying for the Milestone Mastercard®: learn how!

Learn all about applying and getting approved for the Milestone Mastercard®. Discover its features and credit requirements. Read on!

This card’s main benefit is credit building. And this is a fact because it offers no significant benefits and high-interest rates. Therefore, it is a poor choice for those who seek credit card benefits.

  • Credit Score: Bad/poor;
  • Annual Fee: $59 for the first year and $99 annually after that;
  • Regular APR: 24.90% for purchases and 29.90% for cash advances;
  • Welcome bonus: None;
  • Rewards: None.

How does the Milestone Mastercard® work?

When we talk about Milestone Mastercard® credit cards, there are not too many functionalities to mention.

And this is because its purpose is to be simple and easy. For this reason, only a few of its fees and rates is already enough.

As for balance transfer fees, cash advances, and foreign purchase transaction fees, you have to check them in their terms.

Milestone Mastercard® pros and cons

Find out how it can help you build your credit history in our full review. Source: Adobe Stock


First of all, it is a good choice for those customers who have a poor credit history. Or for those whose history has been damaged too.

Second, it provides complete protection from legal responsibility and identity monitoring.

And to build your credit history up with the help of a Milestone Mastercard® is easy. Pre-qualification takes less than ten minutes.

Plus, it will not affect your credit score in any way. Milestone notifies the three major U.S. credit reporting agencies.


But because it is a very simple card, it also has significant disadvantages.

For instance, it offers no rewards or bonuses. And it offers no welcome bonuses, such as an intro APR, etc.

In addition, for a credit card that is supposed to help people to have a better credit life, its fees and rates are not very helpful.

Does my credit score need to be good?

It is the opposite. Because it is only worth it to apply for this credit card if your credit score is far from good.

In other words, the Milestone Mastercard® is perfect for demonstrating to better credit card companies that you can commit to a higher credit limit.

You can even demonstrate to the market that you deserve to receive some rewards.

How? By making timely monthly payments. This will for sure prove to lenders that you are financially responsible. Making on-time payments can help your credit go up

Want to apply for the Milestone Mastercard®?

If you are convinced you need this card after reading this, continue reading our other articles. We have organized some details about Milestone Mastercard’s application process on the link below!

Milestone Mastercard® Card

Applying for the Milestone Mastercard®: learn how!

Learn all about applying and getting approved for the Milestone Mastercard®. Discover its features and credit requirements. Read on!

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